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Reproduction Services: Stallions & Mares

We offer an extensive range of reproduction services, as detailed below. If there is something not on this list that you are interested in please contact us. 

  • Collection of semen

  • Processing frozen semen

  • Processing cooled semen

  • Analysis of semen after shipment 

  • Analysis of semen after freezing

  • Training of new/young studs for collection

  • Embryo collection and transfer

  • Cycling of mares with hormones

  • Ultrasound mares to observe how they are cycling

  • Artificial insemination of mares with frozen or cooled semen

  • Storage of frozen semen for future use

  • Ultrasounding mares at 16 days to see if they are pregnant

  • Ultrasounding mares to observe foal to estimate gestation period  

  • Culture mares

  •  Flushing and infusing mares

  • Caslick procedure

  • Removal of caslick

  • Hospitalization of foaling mares

  • Foal exams

  • IgG testing of foals

  • Plasma for foals

  • Colostrum for foals ​

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