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Pre-purchase & Lameness

Pre-purchase exams (PPE) are full body exams that are typically completed for a potential buyer before a horse is bought from a seller. During pre-purchase exams most aspects of the horse are evaluated for abnormalities. There is a major emphasis on the mobility of the limbs. Pre-purchase exams are not guarantee, rather an evaluation of the horse at that time.  Radiographs are not included in a pre-purchase exam, but may be added for an additional cost. Here are examples of what is typically evaluated during a pre-purchase exams:  

  • Opthalmology

  • Gastrointestinal*

  • Respiratory*

  • Cardiovasular

  • Neurologic

  • Muscloskeletal     


*Standard PPE does not include endoscopy

Lameness exams evaluate the mobility of the horse at that time. This includes the medical history of the horse, a visual appraisal, a thorough hands-on exam of the horse at rest, application of hoof testers, evaluation of the horse in motion, and joint flexion tests.  Diagnostic procedures are then used to isolate the location and cause of lameness.  These include diagnostic nerve or joint blocks, radiographs, ultrasound, examination of blood, synovial fluid and tissue samples.

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