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Respitory & Gastroscopy

We offer respiratory endoscopy where the airway of the horse is examined via nasal passage.  Irritation and infection of the nasal passages, guttural pouches and airway can be clearly seen and samples can be flushed and cultured for clear and reliable diagnosis.  

We offer gastroscopy, where a 3 -meter endoscope (camera) is passed via the nose into the stomach allowing for diagnosis of equine ulcers, along with location, and grade (1-5).  A custom course of treatment is recommended to resolve presenting ulcers based on the diagnosis. Below is a list some possible symptoms of ulcers.  

  • Weight loss

  • Inability to gain weight

  • Lethargic

  • Unwillingness to work

  • Loss of appetite   

  • Attitude change

  • Discomfort in flanks

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