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Routine & Advanced  

Horses' teeth are vitally important for their health.  Equine teeth constantly grow and change. It is recommended that horses are seen at least yearly for a dental exam. Sharp points in younger horses can be problematic, but easily resolved with dentistry. Wave mouth, and rostral and caudal hooks are common issues that can arise without corrective dentistry. Bitting issues, throwing of head while riding, and dropping of grain can all be symptoms that your horse needs dental correction. 


It is recommended to use only state licensed Veterinarians for equine dentistry, as lay dentists are not ‘specialists’ and there is no educational standard or governing body overseeing lay dentists.  Complications normally can't and aren't properly handled by lay dentists, due to not being qualified to administer any injectable medications to sedate and/or would help your horse with pain or infection.  Also, unless under the direct on-site supervision of a state licensed Veterinarian, lay dentists are breaking Kentucky law.

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