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OE Score

OE Score a calming and focus product specific for ropers. We have taken the base formula of OE Composed and adapted it to make a roper specific product. The ability of your horse to score often determines your chance to win or lose at the highest levels of roping. Having calm, well-mannered horse in the box allows lowered numbered ropers and youth competitiors to focus on the scoring and setting up their run consistently OE Score is designed as a delayed release product that works over 4 to 6 hours so you can make multiple runs on a single dose. OE Score can be dosed twice in one day if necessary. OE Score promotes the horse’s natural ability to create serotine and a sense of well-being, reduces acid in the stomach, and helps control blood pressure without limiting your horse’s performance.


Nitro is a specifically formulated prerace electrolyte supplement. Nitro is designed to give  your performance horse the prerace boost needed to perform at its optimum level and recover quickly after performance. Nitro contains octacosanol to help improve endurance enhance performance, to strengthen muscles and improve oxygen utilization. Nitro has probiotoics to help maintain normal gastric pH and support digestive functions; contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms. 

OE Revive

Revive is a new electrolyte paste with the proven electrolyte matrix plus new vitamin and minerals. This new product will now meet the customer's need for a more advanced electrolyte that aids in recovery. Revive is specifically designed to hydrate the muscles with an ingredient called Betaine and allows oxygen utilization with Octacosanol. Betaine plays a very important role in hydration of cells. It is known to attract water and protect cells from stressful factors from the environment and dehydration. It can be given in place of a jug immediately after competition or as a prerace booster. 


Composed is specifically formulated oral supplement containing a blend of select minerals and vitamins with probiotic bacteria Lac­tobacillus acidophilus to help support balanced behavior and healthy digestive functions in performance horses during traveling, shows, competition or other situations that may cause anxiousness, contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms. Composed improves focus and decrease anxiety for horses to perform at its optimum level. This is done through the ability to control stomach acid and discomfort that comes with increased anticipation of performance, the ability to focus the mind clearly on the task at hand without distraction, and continue to let the body perform at a high level through proper circulation and blood flow.

Game Changer

OE Gamechanger is a comprehensive joint health formula that supports healthy joints and flexibility. It is one of only two products that contain a novel, patented joint support matrix containing Phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant that has powerful free radical scavenging properties and the supports the body’s normal defense again the harmful effects of free radicals. Phycocyanin is natural cox 2 inhibitor, bute and equioxx are pharmaceutical cox 2 inhibitors.

If you do not see the product or size that you are looking for give us a call and we will order it for you! 

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